About Us

Just some folk from Devon that enjoy supping and some neat threads to go with it... See y'all on the water! :)

The Company

Established in the ‘great’ (not so great, more ‘great’ in the sense of the ‘Great’ Fire of London) COVID-19 Spring of 2020!

Recently having started paddle boarding ourselves we looked about for some kit that took our fancy. In reality though, unlike surfing, there was very little that really took our fancy. Each to their own, but most stuff looked a bit amateurish or too in your face! We wanted something a little more classy, but still with the typical sporty casual wear like hoodies, t-shirts, hats etc…

At this point in time we were in full time employment but under reduced working hours due to the coronavirus outbreak. Not being ones to sit around whiling the time away we set to launching PAD-L. So in June 2020 we launche

As the sport of paddle boarding begins to grow and grow, our aim is to grow with it and develop our brand for paddle boarders everywhere. #staytuned

Our Mission

To cloth paddle boarding and watersports enthusiasts across the globe in functional, comfortable, sustainable, cool kit… While promoting a positive and responsible attitude to each other and the God given gift of our planet.

Our Vision

To become one the world’s leading watersports brands…

The Founder

Working as an Engineering and Sales Professional over the last 16 years I’ve always had a passion for the outdoors, that little bit of sanity, and there’s nothing quite like the escapism of water in nature. I started PAD-L as a result of this passion, seeing the opportunity paddleboarding brought and looking for another income stream while my paid employment had been cut back… The rest as they say, is history!


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shaped by water